The Largest Whoop Ever! KingKong ET MAX – 4Inch FPV Drone Whoop

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If you are looking for a larger beginner Whoop Style drone the ET Max is for you. Still sporting the prop guards, this is a 4 inch 4S FPV Drone Racing Quad. This has all of the component features of the larger FPV drones, but it has the beginner in mind due to the prop guards.

When compared to the super popular ET115 V2 – this ET Max dwars it by a considerable amount. Although you can use a 4S, like with all quads, we recommend using just 3S, especially if you are just starting out.

BetaFlight OSD, Smart Audio, Switchable VTX, you could not ask for more for an entry level whoop.

Drone Link (ET115 V2)

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  1. That is F-ing RAD! I can just imagine all the motor possibilities, and prop possibilities for this quad to make it scream!

    For consideration, I would lose the reverse threaded motor shaft, as many would want to reverse motor direction. Silicone wired motors a must.

    The thing about whoops are they really don't have all that much flight stability, because of their size, but this thing is going to be sweet!

    Extra $15 for some upgrades, like the rxsr harness coming with it, I'm in!

  2. this could be an awesomer trainer for an advanced FPV Pilot who wants to get into "bando" style. WITH BETTER MOTORS this would allow bouncing off walls. crete. etc without damaging anything yet styill be able to do powerloop/juicy/etc cfrazy fun flying. If (when) the frame comes out you could build this up with a nice 20×20 stack and good motors.m THE NEXT step (we all know its coming) a BNF CHEATER KWAD !! plain jane 5" racers are now obsolete. fogetabougtit … I absolutely HATE plastic wires on motors. I will NOT touch any motor with it. SO when this comes out if the motors are sdtandard silicon I am in ! Maybe a variatyion with two cameras on this ???

  3. c'mon… prop guards don't make a 'whoop'. that was funny though…lol, it's so big. Anyways, this is just more continuation of the weird proprietary shenanigans that started with the original ET series that started life as a Blade Torrent 100 clone.

    Stupid company .. they had something nice on their hands and sat on it for almost 2 years (especially since the Torrent has FC issues/gyro drift) as it's popularity evaporated away. All they needed to do was update the original ET100/115/125 series with BFOSD compatible boards then bring the motors and escs up to date. Instead they just pile on more of the same unfinished, unpleasant proprietary weirdness on their builds with these "updated" GT/ET builds.

  4. I hate when companies throw in Philips head screws, ala diatone GTR90 etc. Don’t do that hex screws and good ones cause striping screws and guess what no more sales for you lol. Someone could make a career in telling Chinese companies the do’s and don’ts. A 185 whoop don’t think went thru any such a meeting?

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