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  1. Anyone see the TRASH Snapchat video? Straight garbage, all these actors believe Captain marvel is the strongest there is. Smh these people are wack AF.

  2. So, they know Thanos can kill half the population with a snap. And she could have been killed with that snap… And you don't call her becouse… you like to bet in a 50/50 chance?.. "Oh no… is because is not an emergency… we still have a chance to win. I just gotta call her..".
    Err… you are the only one who knows about her existence. You could ave been wiped out too. Who else has her cellphone number?…Nope… I'm not convinced. That's just a plot hole.

  3. Fury in the first Avengers said Shield was trying to make weapons off the Tesseract because of Thor! When they had visitors from another planet, but Thor wasn’t the first alien he would of met. Ughh continuity.

  4. i think.the movie was better than ant man and the wasp and guardian of galaxy 2 stop hating just because brie larson say about white men how about u watch the movie and stop judging by the actor

  5. Because she us a complete after thought on marvels behalf one they have now decided there gonna redcon the universe for to cram in sone #femanazi miss Larson into the franchise . White men not welcome anynore lol

  6. How will Thanos be defeated? CapMarvel comes along and he will be so annoyed and bored of her that he leave the universum!

  7. Your telling me that thousands of people being attack by aliens and the cities getting destroyed wasn't an emergency??? They couldn't find a better explanation than that??

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