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  1. OK, NOW I'm interested. Seriously, this is the best decision they could possibly have made for this series. Rather than retelling the same story as one of the best movie series of all time, they're basically going to uncharted territory where TV and movies are concerned. Now, I will watch this.

  2. I just hope they keep the same design(filming in New Zealand) and the music by Howard Shore, and Hopefully we can see the dwarves of Moria(Khazad-dum) at its height

  3. Oh please stick to the source material and make this series great !! Amazon will be a good streaming service. America Gods… Good Omens…and now LOTR !!

  4. So it's set just before the Hobbit movies? Or is it set before Smeagol even found the ring after it was lost? I'm kind of interest in what happened after the original trilogy, after the ending of lord of the rings but I'm sure this will be amazing too ?

  5. if we get war of the last alliance and amazon sinks as much if not more money into as HBO did with GoT. That battle would be the biggest battle ever on screen. The part we saw at the start of the first movie was an end of a seven year siege

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