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  1. if you take away free speech and ideas no matter how much you do not like them that makes you one of the worst people on the face of the earth they are called thought police and on the other hand if you can only win a talk by taking away the other persons voice you have lost already and it truly does go to show and i did not see this till not that long ago when a head doc who is from Africa pointed it out that the sjws as he sees them are like the cults and warlords he has seen with his own eyes

  2. 3:05. Throwing up that "white power" gesture. Excuse me, ma'am. Your micro-agressions are not welcome here. I'm so triggered right now! I need Orange Man to come save me.

  3. IMDB started slowly changing the ratigns. I see many reviewers saying they gave 5/10 and then we check their ratings and its 7/10 or 8/10, they automatically changed it. 🙂 Yesterday was 5.5, now is already 6.3 and I believe they will try to get it to 7.5.

  4. Alot of what's going on sounds like the intro to Metalpocalypse where there is a secret council that controls all the world because they actually took away everyone's free will and creativity…

  5. Disney is a cult. Of course if you disagree with their beliefs you are morally wrong. Every cult since the beginning of time have felt this way, it is human nature. We should all just bow down and accept the salvation they are impressing upon us, the ignorant masses.

  6. The left and right in democracy are one. they are just having squabbles that have nothing to do with workers or liberation. But this shit is funny.

  7. I don’t know, I think from Brian Bendis’s ultimate comics I’ve never really liked Captain Marvel. In the spider man series she was terribly sadistic to Peter, and her actions ended up causing Norman Osborn to kill his own son Harry, who ended up dying in Peter’s arms. Goblin was so distraught he told them to kill him, but they fudged that up and came back to kill Peter.

  8. If you think about it people are trying to get the government to help flatass Larson while the government should be worrying about giving healthcare to people etc.What have we become.

  9. So I just got done watching Captain Marvel.

    To be honest I was worried what I was about to get myself into. Because of all these YouTube videos. Talking about Brie Larson as a person and how screwed her personal opinions are. But, I mean I could have cared less. Anyways, I was really worried that this movie was going to be as bad as The Last Jedi.

    Now this is my opinion but, Captain Marvel was amazing. It hit all the right notes as far as a Marvel Movie goes. The length of the movie was great. Wasn't too long or too short. It was long enough to give you an insight and backstory of this character. Yes, not very many people know much about this hero. So they did a great job of allowing the audience to learn about this character just as the character is learning about herself. You get invested. The humor was just as top notch as it always is. I took my mom to see this movie for her 50th birthday and my dad just retired today as well so it was also a celebratory movie outing for him as much as for my mom as well. They LOVED it. So did everyone else in the theatre. When the credits were done rolling everyone there was clapping in applause. The first thing that came to mind was. Don't EVER listen to a YouTuber giving their "review" of a movie. This has been true for me even when I watch AngryJoe's reviews on a movie. There are times where I feel like he and all other YouTube'rs just get it wrong. Or, are trying to play off this media attention they are getting. And honestly, I found this movie to be better than Wonder Woman. I liked Wonder Woman but, Captain Marvel was better.

    This is my opinion and I felt like I should share it. I've watched Ol Home Boy here talk mad trash about this movie, and once again (to me) he still doesn't understand the concept of giving your own opinion and not try and sucker in people into believing as you do. Which he seems to want to do. Whether that is retardedly pronounce woman as WAMan. Or over using the word shell or whatever Beta Male lingo boys are saying these days.

    Go out watch the movie and judge it for yourself. Don't have some YouTuber ruin what could potentially be a great experience. Just because, THEY don't like certain aspects of the behind the scenes. Or rumor or other social media coverage they are "looking at". If you like Marvel Movies this movie is great fantastic. If you don't then you won't like it. Basically all there is to say. Great movie though.

  10. Remember the conservatives being the main force for censorship of music (rap) and video games ("my son will became a school shooter if he plays GTA or COD") in the early 2000s ? Now the progressives are the censorship lovers. I hope they will fail just like the conservatives did back then.

  11. People only like free speech until it bites them in the ass, at which point they jump to the extreme and try to shut it all down, but then whine about how they feel so oppressed and then the cycle starts again. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

  12. My brother asked me if I wanted to see this movie. We see most of the Marvel/DC movies. I said no thanks. I did like WW by the way.

  13. Waaaaa! Waaaaa! Absolute incompetence and now it's 'Daddy (or gov't) they won't stop telling us we suck at this cause we don't put any effort or focus or take responsibility or accountability for our actions or performances.' WAAAAAAAAA! ! !

  14. Lets be more blunt, it's trying to make harassment to be a federal crime or misdemeanor. For which, I don't see any logical reason for or against it. It's just a moot point with no substance.

  15. Start censoring people in America and see what happens. Our fathers gave us the RIGHT to bear arms specifically for things like this.

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