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  1. If IGN need to save money, just use one fixed camera with no producer like they used to.
    It's kinda weird that IGN build's the studio, introduce single shots and a producer, and then say, woah this is too expensive now, let's go back to the '90 and do an audio 'Pod' 'Cast'. I hear they are really going to catch on 🙂
    Audio is fine, I'll listen on YouTube, but is regressive. I hope it will make way new video projects in the studio.

  2. I haven’t really known how excited I should be for Days Gone but this has convinced me I’m going to really dig this game

  3. People crying about the podcast, and I'm over here just excited for Andrew joining Sucker Punch. Good for you sir!! And I'll keep listening to beyond, audio ain't so bad ya noobs lol

  4. Audio only is fucking stupid.
    I hate podcasts.
    He fell in love with the show as a podcast.
    Guess me and others liking it as a video don't mean shit.
    The world doesn't revolve around me, I can't do just audio.
    But fuck me I'm just one guy.
    They don't give a shit about one guy

  5. The fact you said it’s “another gruff white dude” shows how racist of a human being you are. Base the character on their personality, not their skin color.

  6. Well, looks like this is the final time I ever listen to the podcast. Seeing the people I'm listening to is a big part of it for me, and I have no interest if it's audio only. It's been a fun few years, thanks for all the memories.

  7. Really disappointed in the loss of video. Video adds a lot more personalization to the show and if you guys wanna relax, relax. It feels like a regression.

  8. welp no more beyond for me after this week, which sucks cuz I really enjoy this podcast, but i just aint a fan of audio only form. It takes away from the overall experience. I rather see the excitement in others as well as the gameplay then just hearing about it. Bad move ign, bad move.. You're moving backwards instead of using forward thinking. Nonetheless, I guess I'll contradict myself this once and give it a try. Only cuz I still love ya. I'm not angry at you, I'm just disappointed. lol

  9. Video probably part of the reason I watch Beyond over the Official PlayStation Podcast, though I have no problem listening to Sacred Symbols.

  10. Just wanted to mention that they HAVE put VR games before on PS Plus. I believe Until Dawn Rush Of Blood and RIGS were both included back to back. I don’t understand why they stopped doing that?

  11. I listen to this show at work with one earbud in and don't even look at the screen so the audio only shit doesnt really make a difference to me. Itll still be a great podcast and I'll still be here ?

  12. Thanks very much for addressing us directly Brian! I watch literally all of the video podcasts every week religiously and I will miss seeing everyone but I’ll be listening for sure!!!

  13. Of course I'd prefer if you kept the video as well as the audio. But if it's going to be just audio then I'm going to listen anyway. Whatevs ..

  14. It makes no sense to me when much smaller podcasts and sites can have a video component to their content but IGN says "nope.. we're going back to how it was 10 years ago."

  15. I will definitely give the show a chance as an audio only show. I hope I like it just as much. I do hope we still get some gameplay on the background and not just logo for an hour.

  16. I always watch the video versions (can you believe it, why else would I be in the YouTube comments) and it's a pretty big bummer that that's going away. That said, I love what you guys put out and I think it would be stupid to write it off simply because of that. I'm excited to see what you can do with the podcasts with these changes, and I hope that the shows stick around in some form or fashion for as long as possible. Keep up the awesome, guys!

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  18. Guys this my last one watching or listen? I feel like ign doesn’t care about us, I been watching their podcast for years, but ign doesn’t care about their fans

  19. boycott jon ryan from this fucking show he is not allowed to speak on sony first party ever jon ryan i mean what a generic white male name go fuck yourself u fucking soybean sucking libtard titty won’t cover up whoever u raped in college to aquire this guilt in the first place

  20. why would I want to play some immaculatley crafted zombie open world game when the protagonost is just another gruff generic white male ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY IS IGN SO FUCKING OBSESSED W/ RACE SHUT THE FUCK UP U TWATS. fuck jon ryan piece of shit

  21. Love Ya Brian! ?? while I agree I'm not big on the audio only, it wouldnt be fair to say "F*** it!" and leave so I'll just stick it out a couple weeks and see how it rolls!

  22. Audio only is a really bad idea. Doesn’t sound sound like you guys are sold on it either. I’m going to listen but I will really miss the video format.

  23. I'd take a wild guess most guys in biker clubs are white but leave it to IGN to bitch and moan about it. I cAn'T rElAtE tO tHe PrOtaGoNisT

  24. Super sad to see the video version go. Use the same setup for each podcast so you dont have to move the set as much? Or something idk find a way to keep it though! 😀

  25. keep it up guys hopefully reviewer wont butcher days gone expecting batman Uncharted
    Witcher 3 or God of war level of story and graphics and forgettin that those games came from 1234 meaning go easy on the new ip judge the story gameplay bugs new things like hordes dont bring that im open world fatigue means reviewer needs to be changed or dont review it because i read some crap about dudes starting with open world or zombie fatigue AKA shittin on the game for no logical Reason poeple can say they are tired for callofduty BFV or first person fatigue batlle royal fatigue ……….

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