Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" Recreated in Virtual Reality | Art Attack

We partnered with our friends at VR Scout to bring you a season full of virtual reality art made in Tilt Brush. This time, we asked artist Anna Solomko to recreate …


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  1. ? ? imagine if botticelli was still alive and seeing his work became 3d…..that man would be very proud

  2. i love these videos so much. it‘s so impressive to see the artworks in 3D. really, respect to all the artists who put so much time to recreate all this stuff ??

  3. amazing stuff BUT i am here for another thing. I dont think if it is THAT relevant for you, but i just have seen the documentary about Claire and I saw that there is no link to her channel in the video discription ._. I dont know if you regulary do that but I think it would be really nice for her when you put the link under this vid 😀

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