SJRC S20W GPS FPV Follow Me Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS FPV camera drone is great for safely exploring your neighborhood or park from the air. If it gets lost(loses transmission) or runs low on battery, it will automatically find its way home and land. Find it here

– Good beginner’s GPS FPV explorer drone.
– GPS/GLONASS system rapidly locks on, and provides good position accuracy.
– Available with 720p or 1080p HD cameras. Video is recorded directly to microSD card to avoid WiFi lag.
– Camera lens can be remotely pointed up or down.
– Video can be viewed in realtime on your smartphone via its SJ-GPS app, available on Google Play here and iTunes here App also includes telemetry info of drone’s range, altitude, and remaining battery power.
– Safety electronic geofence prevents exceeding 100 meters altitude and 400 meters horizontal distance from takeoff point.
– Return to home and landing at takeoff point on command, and automatically on lost signal, or low battery.
– 3.7V 1000mah battery provides about 7 1/2 minutes flight time.

– Brushed motor drone.
– Toilet bowl effect wobbling was seen when follow me was activated. Reading more closely through the instructions, I should have kept at least 30 meters distance between drone and myself to avoid TBE.
– Screen waypoint flying did not seem to work.

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  1. I calibrated mine and gave it plenty of time to locate satellites, but lost it once, took an hour to get it out of dense brush, then lost it again after it would not follow the return to home signal. I would not purchase again.

  2. My first drone. Your great review persuaded me. I want to fly it for the first time. I cant find the way to change the app language. It would be nice to read "ready to fly" and not chinese..

  3. which version do you have?
    The 1080p or the 720p.
    also, does it really make a big difference or is it just a little bit.
    btw partly because of you, I am really into this hobby right now. <3

  4. I was expecting it to be bad. But it looks very stable. I have to say though the sound of brushed motors is kind of like somebody scratching their nails on a chalkboard to me

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