This Strange Statistic MIGHT Signal the END of the Bitcoin Bear Market is Near!

This strange statistic might give us clues to the end of the #Bitcoin bear market! Samsung $BTC concerns, Financial history admits he was wrong about #cryptocurrency , Bluewallet activity, block stream satellite client, INABTA, J-Coin fake news, and more!

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0:30 Markets 〽️
3:54 This Could End the Bear Market?
8:30 Economic Historian:
9:28 Bluewallet activity:
10:21 Bitcoin to the moon!
10:43 Blockstream Satellite Client:
10:58 Samsung doesn’t have Bitcoin?!?
12:35 Original release:
13:17 INATBA Updates:
14:10 Bitcoin Expert?
14:52 Crypto Scams:
15:59 Automatic car payments with IOTA (MIOTA):
16:25 Ripple CEO bashes JPM Coin:
17:42 CZ supports XRP:
18:15 Binance will support THETA mainnet swap:
18:39 NKN x Google Cloud Marketplace:
19:00 J-Coin fake news:
19:58 Bahamas digital currency:
20:49 Swiss Real Estate deal:
21:28 Alibaba considers blockchain:
22:03 BlockFi wallet:
23:21 5 Reasons why Bitcoin will survive:
24:16 ? T-shirt giveaway ?

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. This is just my opinion. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your trades…

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  1. I learned about crypto when bitcoin was going down from 20,000$ Was sad to have missed the opportunity, but now that the price is lower, I am certainly not gonna miss this next potential bull run! 😀

  2. Great video as always, no idea about mysterious ABBC coin but Digitex is worthy project, thank you for putting some spotlight on it K-DUB! You rock!

  3. In fact I bought my first bit in 2013. The trouble is that $100 seemed like a lot at the time, so I only bought half a one, then forgot about it until the bull run of 2017. I wish I had bought more, but I'm not alone there.

  4. This is a great video. You cover a HUGE amount of ground, and its all relevant, important, well researched. Even better, your delivery is really good. Direct and to the point, no beating about the bush or repetition. I'm amazed you don't have more followers. Well, you have a new fan!

  5. Thank you so much for the update. Only the weak worry about bitcoin loosing its worth but as we all know bitcoin is surely going to increase massively, thanks to Mr Donald Anderson experience in Crypto trading i worry less on what the market brings

  6. From one Editor to another to the next, go to that movie, Night of the Living Dead, and get that part in the movie with the one zombie. The zombie that is saying, brains, brains, more brains,. Replace the word brains with chains. Get it? The zombie will say, chains, chains ohh more chains.

  7. how's abbc a "weird coin"? scam or not? lol… you're kidding right? like really, how the fuck is it a scam? it's alibaba we're talking about here.

  8. Love the way JPM, Facebook and all that other dust are trying to get a bit of the action. It’s too late you noshers, no one that has half a atom of a working brain cell gives a turd about your centralised bag of lamb, just admit it! ?

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