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  1. 2 things which would make ios actually good-multitasking and installing games from everywhere.Especially the second one.I wouldnt be able to pay for games  if I spend 500$ for an iphone!

  2. Once was an iPhone fan.. all I did was root and use cydia but it was so much restrictions just to do what you want. Once I toyed with android an was able to use many different Roms and software. It was very easy to consider android. Apple is ok for applications and some games but if you want to feel free with your phone an do what u want even if it's old then android. I have an HTC one M7 with the actual M9 lollipop O.S from Insert coin.. it's worth keeping an android unless you have money an could afford an iPhone which is too simple for my taste as far as custom features.

  3. Man i would like to see a movie where apple and android fanboys fight against esch other with huge armies. Swords and axes and hallberds and all that. Would be epic like the crusades. I think im going to start a kickstarter project.

  4. android sucks! its pathetic unprofessional, most of the ideas are just copied from ios. i used both and i come to the point that ios is far better then android

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