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  1. finally closure on this episode! lol.. hey this has me thinking.. maybe every week you could re release a video recorded episode along side your new audio episode.. everybody wins!

  2. I still haven't seen a good reason why ign is stopping podcast videos. So people will speculate. Maybe they are extremely thin skinned, and get upset for many dislikes. Like Peers from NVC whining like a baby, with captain marvel dislikes. I imagine it will be very hard to verbally describe a preview or reviews of games, instead of simply showing it in a video post. I like most of the ign podcasts, but wont miss them too much. But it really seems like a slap in the face for long time dedicated viewers who really like the videos, just seems like a lazy and cheap decision. Zack is an arsehole, for saying there is no good dead space game. Dead space is a horror masterpiece. I hope john carpenter wasn't listening.

  3. #keepthevideo Even smartphones can record in 4k, just record a single wide shot, we can skip the other camera angles if IGN, a multimillion dollar corporation, thinks that’s too difficult to handle.

  4. Are the other shows going audio only also? I’m a little behind on watching this week/last week but I did start unlocked and they didn’t mention it. Tbh id much rather watch this show and listen tho the others if that’s the case. They are more like news shows while this show is news/fun. I really hope y’all reconsider this decision to stop filming

  5. I want the next version of the switch to be able to play 3ds games. Ill gladly give up the 3d feature because I understand it could be unreasonable to manufacture a whole new console with an outdated feature, but i feel it would be a great marketing move by nintendo. Itd allow Nintendo to make money off a dead system while still progressing their new system. Plus, its not like it would be the first time they made a console that played older cartridges.

  6. Daemon have you finished Assassins Creed Odyssey since this episode went out? Also it was cool you did a Live gameplay of Origins. Keep up the great work!

  7. Please don't go audio only. I've been watching every week for a few years now and I really enjoy watching it rather than listening. Especially during 20 questions so I can see everyone's emotions and reactions. By going audio only, you're going to be losing a lot of fans.

  8. The high cost production of the podcast as one of the stated reasons for the switch to audio only is IGN's own doing. These used to be done in a back room with no edits or cuts or gameplay.
    Is the expensive set of the podcasts only to be seen once in a blue moon now? Seems like a waste…

  9. I’m really going to miss this show in video format; half the show is seeing people’s reactions, especially when someone says something wrong within Sam’s earshot! Facial expressions can say more than words sometimes and have elevated this show to bigger heights/enjoyment because of it. Gonna miss seeing all of the various panel show their personalities & smiles visually.

  10. Red Dead 2 was like someone presenting me a massive 2000 page textbook on industrial economics, then preceding to tell me how gloriously dense it is and how much fun I will have reading it. After about two hours of play on the midnight release, I realized this was not something I was willing to invest the time into in order to enjoy, and that I was not serious enough about industrial economics to truly understand its beauty.

  11. I’m really going to miss Sam’s moustache and the looks on everyone’s faces when they make an inappropriate pun or joke.

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