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  1. Saying something negative isn't a Troll.
    But saying false information is a troll. But having different opinions doesnt mean you are a troll Dumbass (IGN)

  2. Calling people trolls instead of distancing yourself from those malicious comments. Way to go for some twats I suppose. Just adding more fuel to the fire.

  3. Well it is a Marvel movie so why should anyone be surprised? These guys have made a talking raccoon one of the most popular characters in modern cinema so I’m pretty sure they could’ve done it to a female superhero.

  4. Can we just stop talking about useless agendas and politics for a hero movie?
    Captain Marvel movie exists not for agendas,not for something political and rights,not for freedom,but for the fans and New comers.
    I will watch the movie because I'm a FAN of marvel,nothing else.
    One of the reasons why I like something fictional like video games and superhero movies,is because to avoid politics and this world's mess.

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