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  1. What if the locations are rendered on a new Google based engine?? What if Google released their own “unreal engine.”

  2. I'll never understand the desire for wanting streaming only devices in an age where corrupt telecommunication companies are constantly and aggressively trying to make the Internet a living hell hole at every part of the globe purely for monetary gain.

    I just don't get it.

  3. what’s the appeal for streaming for these companies? my downloaded games still crash occasionally or force close why would streaming be any more stable..

    It's the worst idea I have ever seen in gaming!

    Seriously, why do they think this is a good thing, ESPECIALLY in the age where Net Neutrality died?
    Nobody is going to have fast enough internet to use it!!
    Just imagine the input lag for SINGLEPLAYER titles!!! -_-

  5. im all for cloud gaming. In fact i would love to one day move to pure cloud gaming service. *BUT NOT UNTIL* the issues of latency and world-wide availability are solved, which may take a decade or so. Not until then

  6. Weren't there rumors about a Google streaming console months ago that most people, including myself brushed off? Perhaps that actually might come into fruition.

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