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  1. What If…

    – Tony Stark had died in Afghanistan instead of Yinsen?
    – General Ross had become the Hulk instead of Bruce Banner?
    – Captain America wasn’t frozen in ice and aged in real time?
    – The Avengers had been formed in the 80’s/90’s with Hank and Janet Pym, Howard Stark, T’Kalla the Black Panther, the Ancient One, Captain Marvel and Nick Fury?
    – Vision had not been created and Ultron had conquered Earth?
    – N'Jadaka had been taken back to be raised in Wakanda and never became Killmonger?
    – Tony had actually killed Steve in Civil War?
    – Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben?

  2. Kinda wish Netflix wasn't lame and they made something like this there. Disney+ would never allow for potentially dark "what if" stories. With that said this is a neat idea

  3. What if The Last Jedi never happened?
    What if Pikachu wasn't ruined in his own movie that should be general live action pokemon movie?
    What if Thanos never got infinity stones on time? (woops! spoilers)
    What if… …damn i need to shut up ;/ yea i know.

  4. This is exactly what we need from Marvel Disney and it's streaming service. No more disconnected shows in a universe far from the big screen talents. We need What If The Invaders Had Stayed Together After WW2….ASA0

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