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  1. Honor View 20 is an extremely overpriced, mediocre phone here in the US. Everyone should be implementing at least a 2k OLED panel, along with OIS and EIS for front and back cameras. The best phone in this moment is Xperia 1.

  2. Great video! The typical Huawei back (Honor=Huawei) and a slick camera. Hopefully by the end of the year we will have cameras behind the screen and lose the notch/hole forever. I am willing to bet Vivo will be the first with that since they released a concept phone with an all screen fingerprint reader within the last few days. Keep up the great work!

  3. One thing just makes this phone not worth even considering. Locked bootloader. Once new device is out you can forget about updates and you will never be able do do anything about it. When Huawei/Honor want you to buy new phone they can just push update that will slow your device and you cannot just change ROM.

    When you cannot unlock bootloader is like phone is never yours. It belongs to producer and you paid just so you can use it. No thanks.

  4. Hello friend, I do not know if you play fortnite but I would like to kindly ask you if you could give me the code imei of your cell phone and the code s / n that is in the box to claim a skin of the game

  5. I'm currently typing this on my view 20. It's such a great phone to use and absurdly fast in daily usage. It's not perfect but absolutely fits my needs with some welcome additions. Also bought it with the honor watch magic promo for the same price as a normal one, making it a 400€ smartphone

  6. I have had this nearly 3 weeks and have little in the way of complaints. Battery life is great, Camera is great, Software is ok (typical Huawei EMUI/Magic UI). Have installed Google Phone APK which is far superior. Screen quality is on par with my old, old P10 Plus; not as nice as Amoled but Good. Punch hole not a problem; I actually like to see rather than try to hide it. I found that some apps don't fill the screen properly but if you go into 'more display settings' then 'notch' and per app select anything other than 'Auto' it remedies it.
    If the Honor simply isn't your bag, I can't do anything to recommend to you but for everyone else it's great. I'm more than happy !

  7. I think after the Samsung launched their hole punch and folding phone… That's where the excitement really lies… Now that all phone now look soo similar

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