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  1. hmn I've had the S4, and it's very nice indeed, but it's very different from the Iphone, not meaning totally better.. but hey that's just me

  2. If only Apple could bring down the price 100 dollars. That would help them much and I know they could afford it. It seems like Apple is taking 649 bucks for a 16GB iPhone just because they want to keep their premium high quality reputation.

  3. Hi adeboer. The racing game is Real Racing 3. The Griffin XPO stand can be bought from Amazon or directly from the Griffin website. Thanks for watching!

  4. The price is not an issue in the US because all major smartphones cost the same with a contract ($200). iPhone 5s is a great smartphone if you don't mind the screen size. It definitely beats Galaxy s4 in speed. Watch the speedtest on YouTube if you don't believe me.

  5. i got it yestrday in australia, wow it sound out so quickly the lines were huge in australia too!!! but i got gold & 64gb. its a stunning phone! its blazing fast and ios7 is just stunning on it!!! worth every dollar :):)

  6. Apple iphone 5s sucks.
    galaxy note 3 wow.
    htc one great.
    Age old iphone 5.
    nexus 4 cheaper.
    blah blah blah.
    These are the comments from the haters you will see in every iphone 5s videos for the next few days, plz guys post something different…

  7. I got s4 and htc one. and i like them both. But this year ill probably get the 5s just to try it out and see what ios7 is like. Dont keep a fone for anymore than 4-5month then sell them on.. ADO= SCOTLAND

  8. because Iphone workes great with my mac and I don't want the wierd htc one interface in front of my everyday. It may be expensive but delivers when I need it, camera, apps, design, cumminication… Everything I need. It's an ideal phone. Plus apple has great service!

  9. The question is should you upgrade you iPhone 5.. answer.. No
    I will stick with my 64GB iPhone 5 till iPhone 6, but i have been using my friends HTC One which I still think is better than both

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