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  1. You had me interested until she started playing. Either she’s not really playing or the lag is so bad that they puts don’t even register. Lag is never going to allow this to work. This is already a dud.

  2. How will this work with iPhone? You are aware that your controllers aren’t compatible with Apple devices, correct?

  3. Hurry up with that new version of the Elite controller! I'm gonna need that Bluetooth support if they want me to be playing games on my phone lol

  4. Wow! this looks super fake she’s turning left the whole time on the controller and I didn’t see it budge. Lag is real. I’m an Xbox fan but this doesn’t look close to ready

  5. That woman is completely failing at looking convincing pretending to play what looks like just a video of Forza Horizon 4 on a smartphone.

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