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  1. The developers of Tekken should remake this game with Tekken 7 graphics with a fighting engine between Soul Calibur & Tekken.

  2. Doesn’t look like there’s much variety in the move sets. But look promising actually. Wouldn’t expect this from a power rangers game. ?

  3. Some constructive criticism; Animations seem stilted, combo system seems potentially oversimplified, voiceovers are horrible, music/SFX are completely dull and forgettable. The sound and music need more OOMF to them.

    It still seems like a promising framework for a game especially if they get the netcode right. Just put it in the oven a little longer.

  4. This game looks so well put together. I think they got it right. I mean the gameplay i saw 3 to 4 months ago didnt look this smooth. So they did this really well. I'm looking forward to this game. (I have the Green Ranger Dragon Dagger, Legacy edition lol.)

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