7 Editing Tips To TRANSFORM Your Cinematic DRONE Footage!

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In this episode of Drone Film Guide we talk about 7 ways you can improve your drone footage with post production editing techniques.

1:51 Widescreen aspect ratio
2:38 Reverse footage
3:39 Speed up footage
5:13 Crop in post production
6:16 Zoom in post production
8:03 Colour correction and grading
12:40 Enhance your drone films with editing

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  1. Hello I appreciate all your videos and tutorials to this point an it has been very instructive. But I have a question. When color grading while in post say you have 30 secs of footage and you color grade it does it color grade all of the 30 secs of footage or do you have to go along and grade all footage little by little. Thanks

  2. Love the video's very much, I'm struggling to get the basic settings right on my videos. Do I record in Dlog and then in post production just adjust the colour correction, sorry I'm new to the drone scene. Any help would be much appreciated. I currently have a phantom 4 pro. Also should I be using a filter on my drone while recording in Dlog? I set the ISO to 100, white balance to 5600k. Is this the right settings? I'm feeling very deflated because i feel like my footage could be so much better.

  3. Just bought my first drone and have been overdosing on YT videos to absorb some knowledge. I have to say I have found your channel to be the most engaging and informative of the many I have dipped in to. Thanks for your tuition.

  4. Thanks for another great tutorial. I just purchased your drone cinematography masterclass. I love the clip at the end of the tutorial and the music! who wrote/played the music?

  5. Hi Captain. I would like to suggest maybe you could make the background music bit more quiet next time. I was unable to hear you through the music. Anyways: thank you for making this channel! Very helpful and really well done.

  6. That was fantastic! Perfect for a new drone owner and an experienced editor! Love the ideas. Bought my first drone last week, looking to edit my first drone footage. Excited to have come across you.

  7. I set up my drone settings to a specific settings that one YouTuber suggested to create cinematic footage, however, the footage came out what looks like blurry to me. Does anyone have any suggestions to help edit some of the blur out?

  8. Hi I love your videos, but its all too tech for me I find the dji app difficult maybe its an age thing. Any suggestions for easy to understand editing Thanks

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