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  1. They already made a public statement saying take the content in the game data with a grain of salt. Lots of it were just ideas that they had that they later scrapped but never deleted.

  2. Your videos are complete garbage. You aren't entertaining or informative at all. The music is awful but it's the best thing about your video. Thanks for wasting my time again.

  3. Didnt bother trying Anthem simply because EA was so bent on promoting it, watching every time anthem was shown or talked about made me feel like someone was trying to force feed me dirt.

  4. This is a game, this is going to have scrapped content just like any normal game.
    These "10 characters" might just become 4 – 5 while the others are left in the dark, never to see the light.
    Just because people datamine shit doesn't mean they see into the future.
    Don't expect the full roster, some are gonna be scrapped.

  5. The only thing i want is GIBRALTARS abilities on somone small like wraith… i cant play him or caustic cos it feels so slow and that affects me somhow..iv tries but i just cant have fun with em.

  6. @cleanprincegaming you have the habit of saying "I don't normally cover this". I heard you say it in a bunch of videos already. In my opinion you should just cover whatever you see fit to cover bro. I watch you because in my eyes you put out some tight videogame news, details and overall content. Just keep covering what you find interesting and don't listen to the naysayers hahah

  7. Do you want know what I think what hating on fallout 76 actually play it for yourself buster it's gotten a lot better stop being a hater when it comes to that game oh and PS I'm pretty sure you won't read this so prove me wrong if you do read this

  8. I need 40 characters, each one makes the players feel that every one of those characters are their favorites and that to play with them all, they're gonna need to put time into the game lmao. So much to do, so little time type of thing lol

  9. The new style of these videos are great and I love the on screen presenting now. I have been here since your original Division videos and it’s great to see you succeed and grow.

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