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  1. Crackdown 4 is going to be out of this world. In fact, the whole world will be destructible! The power of the Cloud is now equivalent to ten XB1X! ☁️?☁️

    Source: Phil Spencer's sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy.

  2. Crackdown, anthem, last guardian, FF15 and watchdogs just shows why you shouldn't reveal a game until your close to it actually launching……

    Also what happen to deep down

  3. "was just the right thing to do at the right time" > Google Translate > "Please, do not attach my name with this game" LOL

  4. I actually started playing Crackdown 3 today and I have put it down for four hours. It's pretty damn fun. I'm sure it's disappointing for the team that it took so long but best of luck to them on their next venture

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