Katharine Birbalsingh: "Smartphones Increase the Division Between the Rich and the Poor"

Here’s a piece from our episode with Katharine Birbalsingh, headmistress and founder of Michaela Community School, a free school established in London in …


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  1. I completely agree that childrens' unlimited exposure to the internet and social media is a new problem that definitely needs to be addressed.
    However, absolute control over your child is only going to guarantee them growing up with issues. Children have to make mistakes to learn, and the examples she's giving of the impacts of social media are extreme (Brett Bednar case etc.). This is only going to drum up hysteria which is probably going to make this problem even more difficult to solve.

  2. Social media: I used to think that social media was barely either (the shallowest manifestation of the former utilizing—“consuming”—the lowest materializations of the latter); but now I’m pretty sure that the latter actually comes at the expense of the former; that it’s really the former that’s being consumed (digested, decomposed) by the latter. In the end, there might only be media; at the end, even worse.

  3. My buddy works at a homeless shelter and he says many of them have smart phones newer than his, shopping at wally-world I see people using EBT cards holding smart phones (and sometimes their kids too) (no hate as I grew up poor and on welfare just pointing it out), I don't think people realize how "not poor" the poor are, at least in America. This is practically a non-issue.

  4. Parents don't have to be 'tech savvy'. They have to be child savvy. As all parents should know if they spend enough time with their offspring, they need supervising and steered in the direction you think is good for them.Who doesn't remember being quizzed as a child about the what, where, who with, what for?And most importantly the big No, No you can't and that's final.

  5. In this short video this headteacher tells off students, parents, social media platforms and Toby Young who incidentally also opened a free school. I recall a Headteacher by the name of Jo Shuter who was lauded by the media before allegations were made and her career unraveled. Another headteacher, from Copland High School, in Wembley received a knighthood before being dismissed in relation to £1.6m fraud. Headteachers must be seen to operate with a certain degree of decorum rather than court public opinion and attempt to massage their own ego. History shows us that when headteachers put themselves in the public eye, it doesn't end well.

  6. You are trying to prevent the symptoms of the problem, instead of going to the source of the issue. The internet is not a mythical force that corrupts children. If you really don't want to help to resolve this problem. Blame video games, blame social media, blame violent images, but whatever you do, do not involve yourself in your child's development. By purging the web, we have created id to our internet.

  7. "in 20years"???…I don't think she understands just how fast technology moves… it's unlikely smartphones will recognisably exist in 20years…implants on the other hand.

  8. you need to raise your kids to not give a crap about any offensive speech, not lead them to lead a shelterd life. bullying used to be violent, what happend to all these wusses now are afraid of words?

  9. Look at what Social Media has done to put the meth in Labour antisemitism. Labour has overdosed on antisemitism because of SM. Even Corbyn was caught with his pants down, so they shut down his FB. What a cunt.

  10. “The rich, they have the nannies and the tutors…..” There are 27,2 million households in the UK, around 100.000 have an Au Pair / Nanny. She is right on the subject – danger of smartphones for children – but ruins the discussion with her angry leftist class drivel.

  11. The way to reliably protect children is to give them the tools to be resilient in the face of modern technology, instead of shielding them from the reality of it.

  12. I think Social Media is terrible. Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey etc have created monsters. Look at Twitter, it is a censored space where left wing hate is protected and enouraged. Twitter has got to be the most toxic place on the internet. It is vile. I can only read English and German, god knows what is happening on Arabic Twitter. There are Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers who tweet Jew Hate every day. Palestinians have used social media to teach people how to stab and murder Jews. Arabs post graphics of the arteries so that killers know where to stab a Jew. We now know through leaked recordings and internal screen shots how Google, FB and Twitter actively censor people they do not like. They have written code specifally to censor particular people. They monitor PM. They have hundreds of technicians who read personel messages. And on the outside the people sell us a progressive world. It is all marketing BS. Everytime Dorsey of Zuckerberg speak they lie.

  13. Johnathan hadith, a widely recognised child psychologists has been saying unsupervised play time is important, just not on social media. Also seems like a lovely guest but always goes to the extreme. Once a kid was on xbox now his throats slit.
    Plus kids have been beating parents with tech since fire. We used to take picture of our homework and share it 10 years ago, she's got some catching up.

    Last point as well, I think most adults wouldn't be able to handle an xbox live cod lobby, all the swearing and hate, but it literally only effects the weakest people. Like even when I was 13 playing 18+ games I knew how to mute if someone was annoying. Should be teaching kids how to cope with different humans rather than to fear them.

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