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  1. For people complaining about the graphics, please keep this in mind: It's expensive to render a lot of playable characters in HD graphics. This is why Dragon Ball Fusions features chibi graphics, so they can pack over 1000 characters into one game. This is also why Pokémon games often limit themselves to 100-150 New Pokémon per entry. Sure, the Budokai 3 graphics are dated, but it allows for players to have access to all these characters. 350 characters in high-def graphics would be tough, especially for a game being released on new hardware.

  2. Hurmmm, think I'm actuallly more interested in the lotr card game comming next month. Don't see myself wanting a bunch of card games either. Not terribly impressed by this especially with that price point.

  3. The question is…..who asked for this? Plz stop using the dragon ball name to sell us trash games. I bet this has mtx in it. Im suddenly feeling like project z will be a letdown

  4. All the people saying the graphics are bad or compare it to dokkan don't even know this was a arcade game in Japan from 2010

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