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  1. I am with you on Huawei Mate X. Though I am going to wait for the second Gen of these guys to make sure they fix bugs and have more apps for the phones.

  2. I personally will just stick to my good ol’ glass slab- iPhone 8 plus. I don’t feel the need to purchase every new phone that comes out in the market, but that’s just me.

    But I am pretty sure a number of people will be very intrigued to get their paws on this anticipated innovative design and function of a smartphone.

    As always, great video Sam!!! Awesome soundtrack at the end of the video?

    “Poop entertainment you deserve” – love it !?

  3. I only want apple, nothing else, and i don’t see them make a foldable smartphone any time soon. So not for me hahah.
    Flexible glass makes me hyped tho! Not only for phones, but for me as designer too. I would be able to make so many cool kinds of furniture and other three-dimensional products etc.

    About pooping entertainment that I deserve? I am watching this vid on the toilet… hahah

  4. I think the rollable TV’s are amazing!

    I’m personally tired of constantly using my phone, so I might be biased by saying I’d love to go back to an old black berry

  5. I just watched this vid on my iPhone X. I would have liked it better if I was watching on a screen twice the size from a phone half the size. I’m excited too!

  6. I don't think a glass could be curved like those plastic displays without creating a lot of tension and snapping out of the glue that holds it to the device. Maybe even breaking in the process. I'm sure there are lots engineers working on a solution though. Love ur vids Sam, I salute you from Argentina!

  7. Amazing throughout from these new companies, but when you said the moto-Rzr clam design is coming too, my eyes opened up, probably nostalgia. Great review!

  8. I think foldable phones are going to flop. It’s not easier to store in a pocket and about double a normal nice phone. I don’t feel like I’m gaining any functionality. I think most people just want a better cellular and WiFi antenna in their phone these days

  9. I hope this trend dies in the water. A foldable phone is pointless. They're big and clunky, more opportunity to break your phone, if I want more screen real estate ill go buy a tablet. They're ugly and impractical.

  10. I haven’t tried out any of the folding plastic phones but if they have that same shitty feel of Samsung circa 6 years ago, then I will wait for my Corning glass iPhone 15… Exciting times indeed.

  11. Plan to buy? In their current design forms, etc.. no, not even considering it. I will wait until there's a practical use for them. But if we're talking $1500 for a phone, and up .. then I rather just buy a retine 11" laptop or ipad pro and get more out of it long term.

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