Bitcoin Transactions plunged 30%!

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. Sunny – Great content. However, it seems a bit too optimistic to just accept that alts are, de facto spoofing 1/3 of BTC volume (and probably more, since this is just one coin). While this seems like a good thing to say about BTC security, it's bad when we walk around believing we're at bull market volumes, when it's just record alts' volume. Throw in the exchange volume spoofing that's verified by checking total volume at, and we can see that total BTC volume may be blown 10x or more!!! That's not a good thing to see if we're hoping for a Bull Run and we need real buyer volume to generate it.

  2. This was good man. I knew omni tether was running on bitcoin, but cool so find the other stuff out.
    Something strange I found ages ago, when I looked up a defunct egold history in florida, strangely it was in a place with omni, no idea about any connections, but veeery curious indeed.

  3. So helpful, simple explanation for simple minded people like me, thanks Sunny. So you think transactions will recover in a couple of days, what then full steam ahead, maybe, I hope !!

  4. Most tether is ERC20 now, not omni. I can't think of anyone using the omni version in fact? Only project I know using it is maidsafe and that's just because theirs is a holder token and they will have a native token when they launch their autonomous data network.

  5. Quick thought….we call stable coins stable because they're tethered to the USD. Yet one of the reasons we're in crypto is because we're waiting for the USD to crash. Won't be so stable then will they:)

  6. Dear Sunny, Thanks for all the Great content you always put out, I've been subscribed to your channel for a long time now and always make sure I catch your latest video – no matter what 🙂 hehe. Sunny, I have done quite a lot of self research and digging and I'm clearly missing something very important, that you can see and that I clearly, cannot see. Please can you help me to understand how is it that the BitCoin BlockChain is more secure than DigiBytes BlockChain? I hear your argument that because AltCoins are using the PoP on BTC BlockChain as "Proof" that it is "the most secure blockchain", but when I look at the fundamentals of the DigiByte Blockchain and its many facets and features, for me, the DigiByte BlockChain appears to be Exponentially more secure than the BitCoin BlockChain. Please could you share your views on my statement and help me to see anything that you may think i am missing or have possibly not considered yet? Peace Brother !!

  7. LN is not Bitcoin, it is a seperate protocol for payments that can be used by different projects. Bitcoin is scalable but only with big blocks

  8. Bitcoin is NOT the most decentralized. A few big miners control the network. It’s scalability is flawed. LN is a centralized second layer solution. Everything BTC does not stand for. And a buggy one. Some say years away from mainstream adoption. I say it will never lead to mainstream adoption for B2B payments. Other better techs emerge. No need for BTC.
    The only use case for BTC might be digital gold but that is unsure. At the moment it’s use case is base currency for speculator because it has the highest market cap. But also that will vanish when the use case for other coins emerge.
    So I guess think. The future is not bright

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