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  1. i really liked the division 1 and i really prefer a 3rd person shooter but not gonna buy those kinda games unless after one month of realese and thank god i didnt get anthem.

  2. Those are some awful graphics… and then there is the issue of no "Iron Man" suit…. no thanks! Be better off replaying Borderlands!!! xD

  3. Been waiting so long for this game and my thoughts and hopes were completely mirrored in your video. I'm really happy to hear all my hopes coming true in your video I plan on pre-ordering today! It's awesome your having a good time and your vid has really made my day man! (also, you putting up a guild? Would love to join!)

  4. I think this game is great just for the visuals of DC and the amount of effort the artists went into creating a virtual DC. I loved the NOA/Space Agency building. I just ran around after the quest was done and took a long look at all the stuff they made. It really wow's you, especially if you have been to DC and seen this for real. I lived there, and made a point of seeing a lot when I lived there. I don't normally play looter-shooters at all, but I made a decision to get this one because of the Washington DC open world and play through in the buildings. For me it is a lot of fun. And since I am not a min/maxer with respect to any looter-shooter game, a more casual play suits me fine. I have had very few problems with the game on launch, and I play on a beefed up PC.

  5. Tash, are you reading the comments. I think there is a lesson
    to be learned here. Sorry man but I think you deserve all the negativity you are getting. Believe it are not people do listen to what yutubers have to say. If they did not care about what they are saying, they would not watch or subcribe to them. So you need to be more careful with your content. Try not to hype a game so much try to be more nutral.

  6. " you cant judge a game on how it will be later on but how it is at present "
    yes and you also cant fucking judge game after 10 hours of gameplay . every game feels amazing after 10 hours . destiny 1 did . anthem did . turned out they were hollow thereafter.

  7. So basically you just did the same thing you did for anthem……. "only 8,9,10 hours in" lol "havnt even made it to the end game" yet the game is awesome…. i thought you learned your lesson from the anthem video…. you youtubers just go with the trend and make videos saying what everyone else says.

  8. @mtashed is it really a good game or you're just promoting. bear in mind I been wanting to put down Destiny 2 but can't seem to and it's the only game i play lol

  9. Div 2 is alright. I don't agree with people talking about it being the best out there. It's good. But not the "king".

  10. Skill Up is a shill whos opinion is bought ahead of time. Yes being wined ,dined flown to events, being given early access and footage is payment.

  11. You just put the division and BL2 in the same category? Ima an have to disagree just because of that tbh BL2 is miles ahead of every looter shooter to this day. Just saying the only game that I'll consider might get close to BL2 is BL3 if it's done right

  12. Why would you purchase a game when all you are doing is the same old thing over and over again? The reasons why I beginning to hate games is because of their redundancy. All these shooter games such as Division, Anthem, Destiny all are the same nothing changes.
    Last time I really enjoyed the game was only Last of us Remastered. Currently I am playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and I personally liked it, but I am type of a person who loves shooter games and now all these shooter games are nothing but a bunch of same old stuff.

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