The Next Bull Run. Bitcoin & Altcoin Explosion ? or Will Tether $UDST Destroy Crypto ☠️

What will the next crypto bull run look like? Will Bitcoin smash past it’s old all time high of 20k and will another parabolic altcoin season take place? There are some signals that a bull run will take place as mass adoption of crypto is coming with things like the lightning network, samsung galaxy s10 crypto integration, and institutional adoption. Although BTC and crypto has a monkey hanging on it’s back called Tether. Many critics say Tether was the main reason for the last parabolic crypto bull run, and that bubble would have never happened it Tether was involved. Could Tether eventually be crypto’s impending doom? Tune in as Chico Crypto tell you his thoughts!
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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: A Case For The Next Bull Run
01:01 2017 Crypto Bull Run Was A Perfect Storm
01:42 ERC20 Token Standard Helped Ignite The Last Bull Run
02:34 Bitcoin & Tether Printing Helped Push Up The Market In 2017
03:46 Tether Printing Continued Into 2018
04:35 The Case For The Next Bull Run
05:27 Tether Still Controls Most of Trading Volumes Compared With Fiat
05:40 Tether Is Trying To Expand It’s Control
05:57 What Needs To Happen For A Healthy Next Bull Run? Tether Needs To Die and Other Stablecoins Need To Take Power
07:39 Security Token Offerings (STO) Could Contribute To The Next Cryptocurrency Bull Run

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  1. We re all talking bout tether to destroy something but still hodling it in our portfolios
    relax guys, it's time to admit tether's just a stablecoin

  2. when I just came to crypto trading I also thought that one coin with big volume can destroy the system, but now all the video like this looks like a big scam. market has some intricate things which none of bellmen can covered

  3. What a joke, I really hope people don't take your advice as they will most certainly lose $. Start supporting your clams will links and information based on fact and not just a bunch of FUD.

  4. Good video. Great channel. You should do a video where you simply explain how tron has bad code. So less about the marketing and insider deals and more about just how Tron will fail as a blockchain. I think it would be valuable…?

  5. Chico when will Elastos be rising ? Also what do you think about Sky coin ?
    I am slowing adding to my ELastos portfolio . I know its a long term game but is things slowly progressing for their rise ?

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