?The TOP 60 Crypto Coins I’m Holding & Why – May 2018 (NOT Financial Advice / Recommendations!)

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  1. Thanks a lot for your time, checking out the video! Please remember to subscribe for future updates, and to SMASH the life button, if you enjoyed the content. All the best and much health, wealth, & love your way 🙂

  2. Omar check out that Ethos I would love to know your thoughts. One wallet to rule them all!!! So they say…. supposed to launch this month here is their site would love to know what you think ? https://www.ethos.io Thanks again for everything you do brother!!! I will keep the donations coming as you are a true honest leader in the crypto news world ?

  3. bro enjoy your life down south it must be a blast. just be sure not to Blow your shot at crypto hall of fame by getting lost in the scene. People need your words now more then ever. Unbiased, news is so important for this space. keep up the good work

  4. Appreciate you man, there is no need to take sides in this market, and waste time on useless arguements. I hold ETH & EOS, BTC and BCH. Being overly emotional and taking sides is a sure way to lose money.

  5. Omar have you been living under a rock where you don't know about Ethos? wallet storage and you will be able to buy all coins on their platform, cannot understand you don't know much about it!!

  6. I just have ada,btc,eth,ethos and propy in that order. A few other smaller lotto ticket plays but those are the main ones ada is so much more than your description too lol. The vm was made by contractors of darpa and nasa (runtime verification ltd)….its also been developed for 2+ years and is backwards compatible with all eth projects. Once they release in may/july it will be beast.

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