$100,000 BITCOIN POSSIBLE 2020? Programmer explains

Let’s look at the world from a bullish perspective. What needs to happen for the bulls to return and take us to 100k bitcoin? We will be talking about different ways this can happen and do some price predictions.

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  1. Uh oh .. I see the chat is censored if you try to say something critical about Blockstream which is funded and controlled by the banksters.

  2. I am just disgusted by your video. You mentioned the most secured is litecoin. Are you freaking kidding me? All mined coins for your information can be attacked just like what happened to ETC.

  3. Please you owe it to your viewers to mention XRP. The most secured and impossible to attack. BTC can be attacked by a few miners in China who controls 80% of hashing.

  4. Can you do reasons why we won't , you are right though there is so many people that think it has to succeed just cause it's cryptocurrency there is no guarantee cryptocurrency will be around in 50 years,, just cause people believe In it and are so invested they are also so emotionally attached in this space it's ridiculous

  5. Greetings! Please! I have a question, is there a console command or script that return the total coins circulating the block chain in that moment that the script runs?

  6. This reminds me that when my uncle was dying. Nobody really told him the truth but nude it sounds everything ok. But it wasn't one doctor came up and told him straight your going to die . At least we can move on . Prepare for what was coming. Same with bitcoin

  7. Hello could you or maybe someone here i comments point me to a video about taxation and how to, do’s and don’ts etc in Sweden …. I am here and I have no idea, Skatteverket is very vague, should I bother reporting loss when I haven’t sold? ….

  8. POW is bollocks, consider this the head of NASDAQ said that he won't use BTC cos there is no-one to kick ass whereas with Ripple there is a real team to account to, POS is the realistic future buy XRP !

  9. Lovely video, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging video,BTC has being the trend and has being helping people grow lately, everyone was expecting BTC to recover. Unfortunately, it didn’t recover and things only got worse. Right now, BTC is hovering above $5,000 and there is no saying when another bear grip will take the price below this level. For me, i don't think i can bear the lost i have been loosing anymore due to the fall in price while waiting for a bull to run, Before them month started, I made research on how i could recover my lost due tot the fall in market price, On making research I came across a video on youtube and accolades was given to Mr. Adrian for his good works, crypto insights people giving praise and thanking a man called Mr Adrian Markus, So i contacted him how much i need him to help me recover my lost. Which he promised to help me, it been three weeks since i came across Mr. Adrian Markus, I have recovered my lost and increase my portfolio from 0.9btc to 2btc. I'm so thankful to Mr. Adrian , If you need help recovering your lost or you're a new beginner I advice you to reach him at via*((Adrianmarkus48@gmailcom))*

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