No More Bitcoin Futures, Bitcoin Is Not Money, QTUM Price Jump & Stellar Lumens Rebranding

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  1. Hedging is forward selling of a product to confirm/secure a price for a product. Futures are an extreme version of this, enabling blatant manipulation of everything. 'Naked Shorting' being the perfect example. The fewer Futures Markets the better!

  2. CBOE futures is great news for Bitcoin. No CBOE futures is great news for Bitcoin. Am I the only one who sees the pattern here? Bitcoin will continue marching forward no matter what the suits do. A lot of frightened puppies out there have been saying that the good times for Bitcoin are over. When I'm in doubt I turn the lights on, call my parents, we check for monsters under the bed, and that's that! Good game CBOE! Come back for some more!

  3. I thought that maybe crypto was a nonsense during the bear market, but I now realise that this space is really going places. Many projects have been making good progress and are merging with the existing world and making great partnerships, actual partnerships, not fake ones, legit ones, and some are even making revenue now. Several stock exchanges are launching digital exchanges this year. WOW!!!

  4. within one or two years Bitcoin and the altcoins like Cardano, Digibyte, Apollo, and U Network will change the world just buy and hold

  5. Good, the worst thing they could have done, is to offer Futures, of an assets where the people did not have any stake on it, basically they were gambling on BTC, without having any BTC at all.

  6. Let's see Stellar hits new high of a dollar fifty you invest $800 right now you will net just over 10,000 dollars I guess I know what I'm buying this month

  7. Thanks for the videos first but I think you have a misinterpretation of futures. Usually futures don’t have to hold the real asset/Commodities or etc. price were sure to go up and slam back down due to manipulation. Easy way to put it. Huge group of people all list anything at a certain price and they all either make price go up or down and collect the futures contracts..sorry didn’t want to explain it completely so hope I made sense lol

  8. Central banks going down/will halt out-of-control derivatives markets/will end fractional reserves derivatives pricing schemes heretofore used to supress all real asset markets: Stocks, Bonds, Oil, Gold, Silver, Gold and Cryptos/price supression by betting riggers of cryptos is primary task of Vincent Viola CEO Virtu Financial/all pricing schemes tied to real assets are illegal but government "watchdogs" as are in on it and look other way/watch Deutsche bank, largest derivatives holder in the world.

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