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  1. Hey, im 16, I love drawing.
    I dont know what I wanna do with my life.
    What can I do when I grow up?
    Questions I ask myself daily.
    Any tips on how to start answering my questions?
    (Sorry if this is so random haha, you're amazing)

  2. Don't worry. Sometimes I feel the same way although I'm not in the same situation. Take all of the time you need on you sheeps and stuff. I'll still stick around with you. I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Cade as legendas em portugues mano!?? Seus videos sao incriveis, mas eu só entendo com minha irmã do lado, minha tradutora kkk, por favor, legendas em portugues!!!

  4. It's ok! Where here for u we won't leave and im glad u not quitting ! Take u r time man ur amazing for a reason we can wait and if anyone complains about no new uploads say u guys can wait I cannot ;3 love ya man! (No homo rawr

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