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  1. How much time do you have to play for 1 level/tier? Or how much do you have to play everyday in order to get everything before the season ends?

  2. This is pretty lackluster. I understand that it's a serious game and its not going to be as nonsensical as fortnite, but that doesn't mean Apex can't be creative.

  3. Overall, seems pretty weak to me. But hey, this is their first battle pass. If we can complain enough on how the battle pass needs to be WORTH our money, then maybe in the next one we'll get lucky.
    *edit: First request: "OPEN SEASON!!!!" HAHA!!!!….. no, better dialogue, please

  4. I love this game, but that season pass loot was absolutely weak. Same two skins just on every gun. Same voice line for each character. Needed some variation.

  5. It's actually pretty meh, those first 3 skins look very basic to me. Won't be purchasing the battle pass but i'll still be playing, the game is fun.

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