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  1. I'm a pretty tech savvy guy, but I don't understand what makes their demo any different from current online games. Sure, you can tell me why it's better, but if i see no difference, then it's perceived as having no difference. Great move on their part as a first time console creator to try and get devs on board, but if the consumer doesn't understand why they should buy yours over something they know to be reliable, then their product isn't going to sell. Explain it to us as if we're kindergartners, Google. Sell me this pen.

  2. Cool, except comcast would probably cut me off after a few hours of play due to exceeding data caps on the cable internet. I'm not even going to mention the significantly lower data cap on my phone.

  3. No thanks I like owning my products! True gamers would say no to this, there trying to kill console gaming, and will fail. GFYS Google

  4. ווווווווווווווווואאאאאאאאאאווווווווווווווווווווו אדיר !!!!!

  5. It seems it will also be able to render additional views to different screen and devices. So you can play something like Skyrim on your screen and have the map or the quest log or inventory open on your phone or a tablet or another screen beside you. And you'll be able to interact with it…

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