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  1. Brosnan was a weak Bond, too pretty and self-absorbed by far. Daniel Craig may not be quite tall enough but he's easily the best actor ever in the role and I've been a Connery fan forever! These are actually high quality films now rather than exercises in going through the motions which is what the bulk of the last 20 years has seen.

  2. You know what? I own Goldeneye too. I like it, it was the only good Brosnan's movie. Goldeneye-good, Tomorrow never dies-dull,The World is Not Enough- meodicre, Die another day-crazy plot and an invisible car.

  3. Since when was James Bond supposed to be 'family entertainment'? Just because they show them on Bank Holiday Mondays at 4 in the afternoon edited for content? Read the Fleming novels (which this new reboot is going back to). How about Licence To Kill? The train fight in From Russia With Love? The fact that Bond's very profession is murder on behalf of his government? So I don't think a singer's background is worthy of discussion. You don't think McCartney was stoned when he wrote LALD?

  4. hey this latin country where is being filmed is CHILE, antofagasta region- Atacama Desert.Most of it is in the Cerro Paranal Astronomical Observatory ( and Hotel).

  5. Fuck Harry potter 6, the 5th one was terrible and the dirctor of the 5th one David Yates is coming back to do this one. David yates already ruined harry potter 5, he will probably ruin harry potter 6 as well.
    go see Bond 22, dont go see harry potter.

  6. Touché the elements of the bond films made them classic. So the upgrade is not greate but they did make a much better film then Die Another Day. Unfortunately this will bomb in theatres so many godamned blockbusters out this year But I am not going to skip bond for Harrry Potter ever.

  7. I am a James Bond fan since i can remember myself and i do not find ANY Bond movie terrible..Anywayz,maybe u're right,and Pierce starred in a not so good Bond film.Personally i would hade to see Batman Begins recipe happen with the Bond movies,if u understand what i mean.(A Remake of the old films…)

  8. Umm sorry my friend,but i hear everybody nowdays saying that Daniel Craig saved the franchise,but everybody seems to forget Pierce Brosnan,who saved the series in his first outing in 1995's Goldeneye.I suppose HE destroyed the series that Daniel Craig saved a year ago…? ;/

  9. lol i work in a cinema and the amount of people that comes in and does stuff like this. We had People calling "Lost in Translation" as "Lost in a Transaction" and "Poseidon" as "Possydon"

  10. im a huge bond fan but ive read the book and bond is really only in the backround in this new movie i hope sony really do well with this movie

    dont read on if you dont want to know wot the next 2 bonds will be called

    ( /rosico/ will be 23rd and /the hidebrand rarity/ will be the 24th movie in the up comin bond films)

  11. I like both the James Bond movies but I simply love the Harry Potter movies,books etc.The battle of the British icons should be interesting.

  12. Quantum of Solace will be this year's winter hit! Potter will make loads but Bond will be the centre of attention.

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