LIVE Bitcoin Setting UP! March 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. !! Beware of Scammers impersonating Krown !!
    Krown – has no signals channel, will never contact you for money, or trade your account.
    Comments with links or e-mail are not to be trusted.
    Stay safe!

  2. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop on the latest revelations for the NVT signal not being as reliable going forward. Mad respect for the content been learning a lot from you and having fun while doing it.

  3. We could also be on the eve of capitulation with one last final dump either testing 200MA on the weekly or penetrating it temporarily before this 1/2 a billion dollars worth of Tether is used to put in the final low for this bear market. This would make more sense. At the moment price is jammed up against the 200 EMA on the weekly and the S&R point on the weekly chart which has always shown to be massive resistance over the years. It's rare to see these to points converge as resistance and it is happening now. What could also be a nice confirmation of this last drop is where all higher time frames on the Stoch are pointing down like 1D (which is looking like it is about to roll) and 3D looking to do the fake out and roll back down. I don't see the bear lasting any longer. I think exchanges and mining are being hurt by this long bare market with volume just being so low. Big players dicking around on the CME might have cash, but I can tell you the millions of actual Bitcoins being held by all the combined exchanges in the world of crypto is far more powerful and with Tether they will indeed start to push this market up out of the Wall St bears grip. The price got tamed that is for sure.

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  5. Hey Krown! Just want to share that we're trading between the 100 and 89 EMA on the daily. Will base my next trade on whichever breaks first. Hope you're doing well man!

  6. Yesterday a total 559.6 million USDT was moved in 3 lots. Pumps usually come within 48 hours of these kind of movements of Tether. Notice how volume on Finex has dropped to virtually ZERO. This will be the pumps of all pumps. If you are in a short please for the love of god keep a tight stop. This will be insane. The Tether mafia is about to throw down some fireworks that we haven't seen ever.

    Wether you regard Tether as real or not is irrelevant. Every single vicious pump in the last year has come from Tether. This is fact, don't be in denial about it.

    Disregard this tip at your own risk. Good luck!

  7. Krown, just imagine if all changes in bitcoin, litecoin, bcash and other forks fail.. aaand dogecoin takes over, being the one true original bitcoin code! Comming from a shitzu moonboy of course hahah

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