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  1. Only after SPECTRE did I fully understand what really played out here: Like Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene was doomed to suffer what I call the thug's fate: He was only allowed to live as long as he had power. Once Quantum was destroyed, Dominic Greene served no further use to the SPECTRE organization, therefore Bond's stepbrother sent some stooges to finish him off. Also, stealing Bond's thunder over the oil tease, Greene's death had to be another "Duck Hunt" hip shot for Blofeld. Truth be told, a Super Mario 8-bit text should appear over that desert that reads: "Congtratulations, Bond, but your Princess is in another castle.". LOL

  2. I think QOS is a vastly underrated Bond film. Hell, an underrated film in general. Forster and the screenwriters really tried to give moviegoers several things they always wanted to see in the 007 franchise. A grittier film, a serious secret agent (not a Leslie Nielson type Bond aka Roger Moore), more realistic action and, above all, some insight into Bond as a person. Quantum has all that, and more, and Craig acted his ass off. Nothing can be criticized about his performance. No other actor put his heart and soul into the character like Craig did. Dalton is a very close second but he seemed to be too critical of the role and the franchise in general. Craig took the job and ran with it.

    I loved QOS, but l think a little more screen time between Craig and Almaric wouldn't have hurt. Forster's purposely vague and forboding ending with Bond dumping Greene off in the desert works but l think a little insight into the interrogation wouldn't have hurt. It would have rounded out the film well and possibly silenced some of the complaints fan's had for the length of the film and the rather bland villain in Greene. Regardless, l will defend this film any day!

  3. This Scene makes no sense though… why would he carry the can of motoroil for 20 miles? that's like…. so stupid. For what purpose?! ''nah I'm just gonna carry this motoroil in case i find a broken down car in the middle of the fucking desert'' WHAT?

  4. I loved it.  "Yes, you did.  And your friends would know that so they're probably looking for you."  Can't go through life more afraid of your friends than your enemies.

  5. Dominic Greene was found dead in the Bolivian desert, two bullets in the back of his skull. They found motor oil in his stomach.
    All I can say is: R.I.P. Dominic Greene
    Sentence: Eternal damnation in Hell!
    Reply me if you agree with me!

  6. mr.Greene should have gon back to the hotel and like gotin to a water tap and find something to fill the water with or suck the water out of his own plants in the blown up bilding and than walk in the dosert HIDRATED just a thought.

  7. it would have been so funny if his car broke down just as he was leaving he would have been like
    James Bond: Well come on help me push

    Mr Greene: so does this mean we're cool then?

    James Bond: shut up

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