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  1. Well I just watched all 4 QOS vids…
    What to say? It's all spot on. If the movie could have ended with Bond infiltrating the Quantum HQ and taking on Mr. White's organization… then maybe finding out White isn't even the main guy… this movie could have pulled itself up. 
    In donno…
    Didn't like Skyfall at all. 
    Wanted to leave the theatre I hated it so much and haven't seen it since then.
    Too many coincidences in the villain's plan. Craig looked too old. There was no romance. And Bond just standing there while the girl gets shot displaying a level of nihilism not present in the Flemming character. Yeah, he's supposed to be tough, but he's never a nihilist. And that's how I felt about Skyfall… it's just an effort in nothing. 
    That's what the title meant to me.
    But maybe the Haphazard guy can convince me to go back and have a look.

  2. Didn't really like this film when I saw it in the cinema, but afterwards it grew on me…
    Liked the revenge plot. Liked that beatdown in the hotel in Haiti, that weird, post-modern opera setting, the charity event setting in Bolivia, the way good characters (Fields and Rene) were so coldly disposed of. Didn't like that stereotypical latin general or the evil French guy…

  3. I enjoy quantum of solace. I find it one of the best bond movies. Daniel Craigs bond series is definitely better because you can suspend the disbelief that what is happening can and would happen. It's real espionage as it should be with a bond suit on. The fact it's not some over the top ridiculous world domination plan is what I like. Energy and resource control is real shit going on today. Quantum of solace is fun and relevant to today.

  4. I feel really bad that Haphazardstuff is so under the radar. He makes utterly thorough, fascinating reviews with some dry humour thrown in! Quantum of Solace was your best yet! So much interesting behind the stuff I didn't know about. Frankly I forgot most what happened in the actual movie – it was so forgettable, especially after the great Casino Royale!

  5. I have been checking every other week to see if you had done some new bond reviews on the Craig era I just realised I have been looking in the wrong place for a while..
    Another great trailer and I am glad you used the rejected forever quantum theme instead of the song that shall not be named!. anyway lmao the Brosnan part of this had me in hysterics,I am shocked you didn't use any November man footage…. and the wait was worth it , I didnt realise you liked craig as much as you do and dislike bros as much as you do ….There are a few good reviewers on here but Your trailers content and edits  prove you are by far the best bond reviewer on the tube….The casino royal and quantum reviews are amazing and I like that these are a little longer than usual..fantastic job.

  6. Thanks for your review, which must have taken a considerable amount of thought, time and effort. I saw 'Quantum' in the cinema and both 'Casino Royale' and 'Skyfall' on DVD only.  I will not be re-watching 'Quantum'.  Wrong director, wrong editing style, etc.  Inter-cutting the horse race with the foot chase just told me where this film was going from early on.  Has anyone produced an alternate edit of the film yet?  While I admire Craig's acting ability, I still find his Bond a little uninvolving, probably because I'm too aware of how deliberately the character has been re-interpreted. I don't know if he's as good as Connery was (who wasn't lumbered with such an obvious producer mandate), but he certainly is a legitimate Bond and close to Connery at least.  I thought for all the criticism of Dalton as a cold Bond, the writing allowed Dalton to be a bit more human than Craig has been given so far.

  7. Daniel Craig's performance (i.e. badassness) makes this film tolerable, a bit. Too, if there wasn't a writer's strike, there probably would have been a much stronger film.

    I don't think this is the worst Bond film. Maybe one of the worst. Other honorable mentions can go to either of the Roger Moore films like "Octopussy"…"Moonraker"…"The Man w/the Golden Gun"…or the Pierce Brosnan films like "The World is Not Enough"…"Die Another Day"…"Tomorrow Never Dies"…or even the Connery "Diamonds Are Forever."

    Lastly, I do agree that "Another Way to Die" is the worst Bond song for the Bond franchise. 

  8. Not making a direct sequel to On Her Majesty's Secret Service was the biggest mistake in the series' history and I like Quantum of Solace, difficult to follow up such a good movie like Casino Royale.

  9. I used to consider Diamonds the worst Bond film, due to it being such a disappointing follow-up to what I consider to be the best Bond film. However thinking about it now, at least Diamonds is entertaining. Hell, I even  find Die Another Day quite entertaining, and Monnraker is actually one of my favourite Bond films.
    The only things I like about Quantum are the car chase and Gemma Arterton. Everything else is just boring and forgettable.

  10. While I don't hate this film or think it is really bad (I don't agree with you on Camille BTW, but that is just me), I do agree that as a follow up to Casino Royale (my favourite Bond film BY FAR) it is disappointing and falls flat in some areas and is okay at best.

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