What Happens to Bitcoin if Stock Markets Crash into a Bear Market?

What are the most likely scenarios for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies if the major stock markets were to fall into a major crash or bear market? The answer depends on one thing. We explain in this video.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


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  2. 6:35 – but individuals don't drive the market, they only respond. How much % of bitcoins is held by individuals (who have bosses)? No, it's the bulls/bears (who i think are the same people actually) that drive the market, so theory #2 is also invalid. I'm open for theory #3 tho..

  3. i wasnt going to believe anything he said but then i saw the clip of him drinking wine and travelling the world so i
    knew he was legit

  4. Generally risk assets fall in times of low confidence. I’d class crypto as a very risky asset, though less so at these prices. The ability to earn money on game and social media platforms could change that.

  5. I don't agree with the second situation. The market Capitalization is so small in the crypto space. There already is not a lot of liquidity in it so there wouldn't be a lot of liquidity leaving. No one is buying bitcoin right now. Yes everyone has heard of it but no one owns it or else it would have a wayy higher market cap. I think bitcoin will thrive in a recession and then do even better as the economy recovers.

  6. You're right. A recession does not drive the price of gold. However, inflation does. And I believe the next recession that comes around will cause hyperinflation within all currencies. This will get lead to bitcoin, Gold and Silver as a safe haven. That is the bull thesis

  7. You are missing 2 major elements of the crypto world – 1) it will be institutional investors that first move into crypto and they will easily push the price of crypto very high and 2) there are crypto loan companies. Once crypto starts to rise most people who have it will just use it as collateral for a loan. In this way they lose little or none of their holdings as the assets appreciate and the smart ones should be able to buy cash producing assets with that collateral.

  8. only thing that will send bitcoin or crypto skyrocket is a banking crisis, bail-ins or bailouts where people lose faith in banks OR currencies. If we go into a recession it would be bad as people offload assets to get money (BEST OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFE TIME, HOLD CASH)

  9. during the next recession bitcoin & altcoins price will surely be rise because of acceptance of crypto among merchants, people dont need to sell off their crypto & it has been started. people can pay off for their daily needs as well as an investment opportunity………. sorry for wrong english

  10. Problem with Bitcoin is it will never scale for real world global adoption due to the fact that it is a PoW algorithm. Mathematically speaking Bitcoin is at a dead end, adding a flawed second layer, namely Lightning Network won’t change this. Add to this the fact that a fair percentage of BTC transactions have and will be compromised (Hacked). The fact is, Bitcoin has been superseded by blockchain and digital assets that have moved away from the flawed and mathematically defunct PoW algorithm namely PoS and Consensus Algorithms. Bitcoin still seems to have brand recognition if nothing else and for this reason i predict that Bitcoin will not acquire real world mass adoption. Because of the fact that a lot of people who hold Bitcoin have a platform to try and keep the dream alive i believe this is detrimental to crypto and will fade away as more user friendly and safer digital assets gain adoption. For example, Ripple’s XRP is gaining ground fast and addresses the problems that the current legacy system has in cross boarder transactions. My educated guess is that this asset has the real potential to become a global bridging asset. The more mature mind will conclude that the banking industry are not going to fade away as a lot of Bitcoin Maximillists would have you think. XRP at this stage represents a great mid to long term investment, Bitcoin on the other hand can only ever be the king of the pump and dump.

  11. btcp rises when inflation rises, and when banks bail in customer deposits, eg cyprus, also yes it acts as an e-gold for when markets are afraid, eg a crash, though true that is yet to be fully tested

  12. The only reason why gold dropped in 2008 was because GFC was a 1 in 100 year event and broke all rules.

    The next world recessions wont be anywhere near as severe (we all remember and learned..). Ray Dalio thinks the same hes said so many times

  13. I am planning to use my bitcoin to buy gold. If your theory is true then I could never profit from buying gold with bitcoin because both go up or down in tandem.

  14. What you fail to understand is that People will convert their assets, properties, gold to Bitcoin in case of a global recession. People always look for places to put their money where it increases in value. When the Bitcoin frenzy starts during the global recession BTC price will spike beyond imagination.

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