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  1. Its no fun if you only show perfect gameplay….. show the later bosses, or a run and gun level… even the in between map for newcomers…. this is a crap video

  2. Should have shown handheld mode like GameExplain did ..wr all know how it looks in full screen ..but it's the portable aspect that makes this on switch a must buy in that platform ..I own it ok my OneX but I'm tempted for the handheld mode

  3. Ah Hell no! I'm not buying this for Nintendo, my kids would break my poor innocent defenceless Nintendo switch in half ??? the abuse my poor lil Xbox revived was traumatizing enough, seesh….?????

  4. I beat it twice already on xbox and pc, its still so hard, not neccesarily Bloodborne ps4 hard but its hard so whats one more time on the switch??‍♂️

  5. I have ps4 and I want the cuphead the problem is that sony does not get along well with nintendo or with microsoft But I think it would be cuphead for the new generation: Xbox one, PS4 and Switch, also many games that can share that would be great, I do not know why they are and would not like to work with Microsoft and Nintendo that crap ?

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