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  1. For me they are worth it because i bought AirPods when they first came out and now the battery are garbage, 100% worth the upgrade for me because i need new ones and i use them for running a lot

  2. Yeah…it appears on the apple store online, but not yet available to buy forehand in my country…apple is trying to save some money for me

  3. i mean if you dont have airpods then yea, just get them with no wireless charging case, 200 is too much, and if you have airpods already and you upgrade to airpods 2, you are the biggest apple sheep ever

  4. Apple sheeple, seriously, it's nothing other than product socialism.

    Apple: Buy into our system and your life will be improved. Everything will ultimately cost more and we will control what functionality you can and can't have, but just know ours is better because it cost more.

    PS – it's funny when I demonstrate the mods and customizations I can do on my Android device to an Apple sheeple to see there Jaws drop, and my phone is over one generation old…

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