Bitcoin Full MOON Party ENGAGED! March 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. !! Beware of Scammers impersonating Krown !!
    Krown – has no signals channel, will never contact you for money, or trade your account.
    Comments with links or e-mail are not to be trusted.
    Stay safe!

  2. Why don't you take the forex trades? I think you once said you got another screen close by – that doesn't screenshare. I'd say go for it and at the same time throw in some education for us hungry minds.

  3. Keep staring at that ascending triangle on the daily. My biggest problem with it is the lack of volume and the fact that desc or asce triangles are continuation patterns not reversal patterns. On the daily an ascending triangle like the one formed if it were to break out to the upside would be considered a reversal form the major daily trend.

    Longs and shorts are so low right now that there is no fuel for any type of short squeeze or enough longs fomoing in to create a bull trap. The market movers have really killed off this market. Hope they know what they are doing. They can accumulate all they want but if the globe looses interest in Bitcoin there will be no one left to pump up the price.

    I think after the last blow off top, and I know people will argue that it's happened before but let me just say this to the average person who may have invested in Bitcoin or alt-cons in the past and now got burnt. A $20K Bitcoin that went down to $3K in 12 months is not something most people with money to invest would ever touch again. It's different for something to go from $1300 to low hundred. Percentage loses maybe be similar but the cost of entry on a $20K asset is much higher. You cannot underestimate the psychological damage Bitcoin has gotten from dumping so hard from $20K and the fact it didn't stay at $20K all but a day.

    People talk about a $100K Bitcoin because that is what the chart is showing. Well I would argue who the flying fuck needs Bitcoin who can afford to buy one at those prices? Think about it. Rich people don't fucking need Bitcoin. They do everything they need and influencing anyone they want in government without it. So ok some nerdy geeks or traders are into a $100K Bitcoin. Cool, but which one of them would even buy one at that price? Sometimes the more I think about it, the more I think how crazy we are to believe in Bitcoin to begin with. I dunno man other than a store of value Bitcoins use case is extremely limited to be honest and most people just want more Bitcoin to cash out at some point anyway.

    For now been trading options on a handful of Nasdaq stocks also been selling options on a few banks stock especially in Europe and Asia.

    Bitcoin right now is boring as hell and the nature of pump and dumps in alt coin land keep me away from trading those on spot.

    Tether mafia pull that lever you bastards!

  4. It is your channel. You can use reverse psychology if you damn please. You are talking about market psychology for hours a day, so a quick reverse psych is fully appropriate.

  5. Hello,Mr. Krown, I just signed up for the T.A. courses today and getting started this morning. Really looking forward to sharpening up my self taught trading skills with professional trading skills for what I'm hoping to be a prosperous professional trading career. Anyway, have an excellent day my friend and I'll see you in the Discord…

  6. I found it interesting the thing you mentioned about Historical Volatility Rank being relatively high for anticipating major move. But then I zoomed out to 2014 and Bitcoin actually did go on to capitulate from the 0.2 mark we're at right now.
    The entire higher high bulltrap that lead to ultimate capitulation from October to December 2014 was accompanied by Volatility Rank maintaining around 0.2. It wasn't a violent straight shot down like from 6k in this cycle, but it was capitulation nonetheless. Not sure if that's relevant today but maybe it's something you can go over later/tomorrow.


  7. Hey Krown. What do you think of the previous 10 and 21 ema bear cross on the monthly calling the previous cycle’s low (not the actual low but the low was already in )

  8. 30 days hath September, April June and November; ALL the rest have 31, except for February alone, which has 28 days clear and 29 each leap year …..So March has 31 days (12 days left) LOL Not sure about the Knuckles thing you mentioned?

  9. Krown – your free stuff will get the average trader 90% of the way to being more successful over all for someone who is NOT trading full time for a living. It sounds to me that the course is for those who want to trade for a living. You have made this very clear. I assume the basic messages are the same the course is much more in depth for those that make the leap to hyperspace? Not reverse Psychology, that's not how reverse psychology is used.

  10. Hi Krown, If you have time would appreciate your opinion on something. Given how in the last bear market btc and ltc saw a good run up to the ltc halving; do you think that are capitulation through to mid 2k’s would be more likely after then ? I think last time they both dropped down in mid july for the last time in that bear market

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