Charpu is drone racing's biggest star

His videos have been viewed millions of times, and many consider him one of the best drone racers in the world.

Charpu’s YouTube channel:


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  1. In my opinion it's pretty silly to call anyone the best when there's not even 0,01% of the world population doing the same thing.
    It is like calling somebody the best Bugatti Veyron driver. Now that I see him being a lead animator or something like that, you can tell that money doesn't play a role and he must have destroyed one or another drone in the process of practicing. The thing is – he doesn't worry about money and can simply fly without any stress factor to begin with. If it crashes, throw it into the garbage and woooop launch the next one.
    A regular person only has 1 or 2 drones and these drones need to stay in one piece. Otherwise performing this hobby would be impossible.

  2. Hi Charpu how are you, I have a drone falcon 250 racer , I have a doubt que modo de configuración I need to make it more stable
    I have a cc3d card and I configure it with librePilot software

  3. Charpu is the reason I'm in this hobby. It's new, fast, exciting and unmatchable to anything else other then StarWars pod racing. It's immersive and unique. Watching Charpu fly is mesmerizing!

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