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  1. Hmm. I truly do not know how I feel about going completely digital. Right now, I usually buy digital and then will go back and buy a hard copy disc if I loved the game or the franchise means a lot to me. How do you guys feel?

  2. If it’s around 150 I’ll buy two for my employees at the shop my digital library is huge anyways not a big deal on the disc less feature for cost saving. Hell thats cheaper than 6 months of coffee

  3. Lovin that top on this woman :), and digi is the future, I havn't bought a disc for months now…Just clutter these days..And the 1 TB problem can be solved with usb plug in HDD's, just you watch…..

  4. The only people who want all digital games are the ones who want box stores to close up. Why force gamers to be online if they dont want to be? Just leave it optional.

  5. For the 5th time.. the disc-less feature will not be a thing for future Xbox consoles.. it’s just a cheaper version of the Xbox one s so Calm down.. the next main Xbox console will be supporting dics

  6. Now this wouldn’t be so bad far me since I buy most of my games digital, but it’s gonna flop unless they allow people to not just watch tv and movies digitally, but to download them to the console.

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