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  1. Lew:
    On the fingerprint sensor….. try removing the pre-installed screen protector…… I hear it makes a difference on sensitivity ?………

  2. If you see the video carefully and see lew's face expressions and all, you realise he is praising the s10 but very unwillingly.

  3. Sorry but the back button goes on the right if you're right handed. Especially with the swipe gestures on the new UI. Double especially if you have a big phone like the Note 9 or the S10+.

  4. Samsung please dont ever switch your back button and your app button or whatever you want to call it that would drive me insane.
    Your loyal customer since galaxy s3

  5. is that hole really looks better than teardrop notch?and are all the Apps prepared for than punch hole ,coz I can't deal with it with a huge black line while playing games

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