4K Submarine Camera Drone in a Swamp

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  1. Great Video, Potato Jet!!! Thank you so much for supporting Nemo! As a startup, it's true that some problems happen sometimes, but we are trying our best to upgrade the original version and offer the best customer service to every customer. Generally speaking, all of the features are getting stable now. Looking forward to seeing more Nemo videos on your channel! Best Wishes!

  2. It looks and feels like a toy honestly and the quality control needs to be top notch if they expect anyone to pay them a thousand bucks. So that's a nope from me.

  3. With the lack of power switch and having to have it underwater to download video, it sounds to me like it isn't ready for prime time yet.. They need to return to the drawing board and work out those problems.. flk k

  4. Can you help me with choosing a camera? Basically I want something as g7x mark ii, but I really really need a mic input (found some fuji compact cameras, but video there is not so good). I thought about lumix g7, but I also wanna do photo, all raw samples I saw starting to have a noise even on iso 200. I'd buy sony a6400, bud my budget is extremely limited 🙁 ($500-600 max)

  5. I have a little problem with filming a video at 24fps. In your type of videos where the camera stands still and the person is moving it looks good, but when the camera is paning an you have objects with an vertical edge it look terribel. Because the edge starts like jumping and there is no smooth motion in the video more like hard cuts. Can you recmmend somthing to avoid this.

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