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  1. Google lost their minds 25 mpbs to use their nope Ps now still better need to be global. Gamers want 3A titles hope they understand what they are really doing????…….!

  2. Well I have fast internet. Everyone complains about their internet is slow, maybe you need to stop being cheap and upgrade to a faster bandwidth. Its available to most internet providers so I don't understand what the problem is

  3. Two thirds of the world have laughable Internet speeds compared to the other one third, so I don't know that this is such a great idea right now.

  4. Its going to take time to get high speed internet thats able to run stadia, and even then after the price of said internet and stadia fees of course, i don't see this overtaking physical or digital downloads, or getting very far at all

  5. No duhhhh… Everyone doesn't have fast internet… When they said 4K @144hz & 8K @120hz… This really got me concern that this will FAIL day one…

  6. Long shot but hoping there might be someone that is interested in PSVR and fancies looking on my channel for my Top 20 PSVR games video! Would love to hear your thoughts!
    I focus exclusively on VR gaming! ?

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