My drone racing journey…

This compilation was originally made for an assembly I did for a middle school to introduce FPV racing to the next generation of pilots. But now looking back, this video has some of the most memorable moments of my career. The video starts out with Drone Worlds where I placed first, followed by XDC2 where I defended my title from XDC1, then Australian Nationals where I took 1st, and lastly, MultiGP U.S. Nationals 2016 where I defended my title from 2015.

I hope this is fun for you to watch, and hope to continue in this amazing sport of FPV. I am so blessed to have been lucky enough to fly drones as my career. Thanks so much everyone. The clip at the end is a cheesy clip I know, but it shows the bond between man and machine, I think it is very similar to our way of racing. You build the bond when you build your quad, and share the love from young to old.

If you are interested in this sport, feel free to contact me through here, or my other social media channels!

Professional Drone Racer
Ex-Fire Fighter
DR1 Racing Pilot
2x U.S. Champion, 2x XDC Champion, 1x World Champion

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About the Author: Shaun Taylor aka. Nytfury FPV


  1. I showed my wife the part where your wife joins you she laughed and said β€œif you can’t beat them join them”…..but she spotted me today so ha!

  2. i gotta say Shaun you are super inspirational. the amount of dedication to the hobby that you have is amazing. plus you're super helpful with quad issues, I'm liking the new antenna placement nothing has broken since!!

  3. for weight lifting fit your quad out with low kv high voltage, and ducted props. I guarantee you'll beat everyone with that set up. Not the best for racing, though (especially the ducts)

  4. In some ways I didn't want the video to end, but in another way it was hard to watch, because i wish i would have followed my dreams, but its to late for that.

    Such inspiration for everyone πŸ™‚

  5. I love the passion man! I'm glad this sport has such a great roll model such as yourself. The CO guys will be looking forward to round two at nationals this year >:)

  6. Shaun, great video man! Love that you are going to a middle school to introduce the kids to FPV. This is an important thing, something we should be doing all over America. Can anyone think of a better way to get kids involved in technology? Not just watching a screen, but building, programming, troubleshooting and interacting with the tech. Dang man this is really good stuff! This so needs to happen all over the place.

    I sure appreciated meeting you and your wife, FPV is lucky to have a champ like you.

    On a less important side note, I noticed the mouse pointer on the screen during the 1st part of the DRL clip.

  7. You are a true inspiration, your passion and dedication makes me push harder every day! I'm looking forward to that day when i finally get to race with you. Keep up the awesome work Shaun!

  8. Wow, you really are getting a lot better! I was rooting for you during DRL and was really sad to see you go. You're like a whole new pilot now though! Good luck in the future!

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