Only had one go at this. Ill post up a better edit soon. This hobby hasn’t been around long enough for most people to see its actual limits. Just like skateboarding in the 80s. Alan Gelfand was accused of trick photography when he invented the ollie. Ive only been flying 9 months and I think my flying can be cleaner and faster and lower. Push the limits, fly an unreasonable amount, and try the maneuver you don’t think can be done. Hopefully this video inspires you to test your limits.

Sorry for the oscillations, I tried beta flight for the first time and it gave me oscillation. Switching back to my regular setup.

Let me know if you want to see an edit of which drills I do to practice reaction time and technique:)


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Gopro 4s 1300mah AUW 512g
4s 1300mah race weight AUW 420g
No battery frame only AUW 272g

frame 210 -




props- 5×4.5 bn Gemfan

controller tx and rx-

Frsky SBUS

video tx and rx- /


with fan adaptor

fpv camera- Pico cam


Gopro Hero 4 black edition – Superview 60 fps

Iphone 6s+ 1080 60fps


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  1. Should have played "The Flight of the BumbleBee" song in the background. Your quad sounds like its playing it already. RIMSKY BITCHES

  2. the only recommendation I have is that you make the drone footage the main video and your controller the smaller part. I don't know I might have misunderstood what you were trying to accomplish. other than that cool stuff keep at it.

  3. Man, this is just nuts. I guess thats the power of a 60* uptilt haha.

    Gonna try my QAV's max for giggles. Probably wont be able to land it though

  4. +1 , 9 months and you fly like u have been on the sticks for years! Yes, please post details on your practice drills. Also, can you post a build video of your LiftRC raceX?

  5. I was suspicious of the video speed at first; thought it was a fake stopwatch app which is slowed down.
    Then I saw the iPhone clock change at 0:40 and 1:40 so it checks out.
    Anyway great videos, you've got mad skills.

  6. Amazing! I was thinking of switching to pinching, but after watching your thumbs I'm sticking with it. What do you think your average speed was? I'm thinking somewhere around 50.

  7. Dude! You don't have to prove anything! It is funny when you read people's comments about it being sped up. Awesome flight!

  8. I dont know.. Your yaw is on your left or right stick.. Looks as your banking with your right and got some rudder mixed in. OR you have and extremely tight yaw on your throttle.. Judging by the high speed yaw turns.. Makes me wonder a bit.. NOT much.. Just a bit.. Because I can't fly no where near that good.. I just know how to fly 3d Copters.. And I'm just getting into the FPV Quad game.. Can you tell us your PID's and your controller setup.. That could us novice flyers..


  9. You don't use any angles motor mounts? What's interesting is to see your minimal forward pitch inputs above center line. I guess I'll have to watch mine and see how much input I use. I always thought more.

  10. Nice flight! I would push the limits with my skill, but sadly I have only a few replacement props. (Literally like four) So I have to play it safe. D:

  11. Ohh damnnnn going through your videos like a walking dead season !!! Do you have a complete list of everything thats on the Drone

  12. Yup Admit that this footage is real time 🙂 great skills. keep it up buddy. Still few shots in your edited videos I feel some clips are FF 😀

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