Will Bitcoin Crash Again?…WHO Cares?!! (Bix Weir)

There are no “weak hands” to sell their cryptos but there are computer market manipulators want can phantom sell fake crypto derivatives to ZERO if they want…if You HODL you don’t care what they do!!


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  1. Snippy says yes…big crash. LOL. That guy keeps saying we will crash. Yet he dumps his LTC when its low. Makes no sense other than he wants to get back in…

  2. Finally someone who understands that the ETF is nothing more than paper. I'm convinced that the government and Wall Street are behind the pump and dump scam. Who the hell would sell their Bitcoin for less than the real value?

  3. I could care less about crypto's, I will never buy anything on the stock market…ever! The only thing I use my money on is buying things for my home and property with cash..NO LOANS, and I buy as much silver as possible…I got 29 ounces last week. I have lots of food, fuel, tools, propane…always. If you can't hold it, you don't own it!

  4. Could they make Bitcoin & Litecoin go to zero, or keep them down while allowing Ripple & EOS to moon?, they have kept gold & silver down while allowing their Facebook, Google, etc. to moon all these years.

  5. My older brother said in a group discussion about crypto prices: "Who cares…Bix". Thank you Blix, for helping me Red Pill my older Bro'…:):):)

  6. Better go to cash. Narrowing ascending channel. There’s plenty of bulls, anytime there’s hope after the blues we’ve had. A lot of red arrows, and only a few hot ones, and this varies over a few days time.

  7. Does Bix ever go on about anything else? I didn’t sell my litecoin, bla bla bla. The same coin sold is sold many times I’m not saying there isn’t manipulation but Bix needs to change his tune

  8. I used to live in Fremont, just south of you about 35 minutes. It's wonderful to hear the birds in the background nice touch Bix

  9. If they could move the price to zero with the click of a mouse, why wouldn’t they do it and buy bitcoin cheap? Bix, you are wrong about that. Bix, you could start a challenge to the exchanges to reveal their public wallet so that we can all see how much they actually hold. Brilliance. That’s why crypto is more transparent than metals

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