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  1. "heaven is what you make it out to be"

    I don't wanna be a dick, but what the hell does that even mean? Why does he think that? There's no evidence for it.

  2. I love these videos, and I love the fact that you can find these kinda people in things like VRChat. I once found a group of people gathered around each other calmly discussing religion I think. It was my first experience of something like it in VRChat when before all I had seen from videos were a bunch of crazies.

  3. Decent subtitle work. Really synchronize with their sentence. Can even feel their real emotions through their hesitations

  4. A question where it's answer we humans can never possess. What happens after your brain no longer works? Where would your consciousness go? Would you just stop… exisiting ? Is there any chance to be revived? We don't know yet, I'm not even sure if we'll ever know.

  5. I dont even bother with thinking about death anymore. We are all gonna find out what's on the other side so might as well enjoy this world while we are alive.

  6. Please don't stop doing these kind of contents. I find it very fascinating to see different perspectives of people with different experiences. VR has certainly connected us in a way that has never been done before.

  7. I think that there is no definite answer. Humans are infinite, there is nothing we can't do. We can do great things with only 10% of our brain. Imagine tapping into 20% or 30%. We could possibly become fucking immortal if we focused on being perfect. But we aren't because it's all theory and there is no evidence to support it. So with all of that out of the way, death and what comes after is what you make of it, what you truly, as an individual, believe. We are infinite, we are a state of being that never goes away. Our minds fucking conjure spirits, do you ever think about that? Most poltergeists are in a teenager's mind. They are created by that state of being. We summon spirits without a spirit guiding us. Ouiji boards are all in our heads. We create things out of nothing. We are, in a way, God. We make our own afterlife, regardless of what another believes. Shit's crazy to think about, and it may be true, but didn't I tell you it doesn't matter what another thinks? I'm just another leaf blowing in the wind, a grain of sand on the beach. What am I to say that we are God? And this leads me back to the beginning. It's all just a circle with a spiderweb on the inside. It doesn't matter where you stop or end up, the same questions repeat, because there is no true answer.

  8. Using our time to think about what happens when we run out of time…

    It's a curious phenomenon, isn't it?

  9. Wait… if the quantum theory is correct.. that means we will live forever in our own perspectives.
    If we die at any point in time, that creates a split in the timeline, in which one of them you die, and in the other you live a near-death.
    But you will never see the alternate universe in which you die, in any way shape or form in your own perspective.
    But you still can experience other people dying, and other people can experience your death..
    But you will never experience death.. because if you did… there's always another universe in which you live.
    Every single possibility is created, every single way you die, every single way you live… it all exists….

    well thats just my point of view.

  10. A simple answer
    if you a good person you'll go to heaven
    and if you a bad person you'll go to hell
    if you want to know more
    read about (islam afterlife)
    and thank you for the great video

  11. the problem is, our human mind might not be capable of understanding what it would be like no longer being a human mind.

  12. I flat lined in the hospital once, all I remember was darkness and waking up with my whole body numb like when you sleep on your arm and your hand feels like rubber

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