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  1. Did anyone else notice the pyramid in the background at the very end of the video?

    I dont even own a VR set but it still excites me with the possibilities it brings. I might be a new VR owner soon like you, Xaine and it will be glorious! As for what the third feature set will be, I think it will be big. Like completely revamped ships and space. Ships with better handling (less auto-flight) and the possibility of hovering which would go nicely with VR and customization. I think the online portion could bring out the giant worm thing we saw pre-release as an event or a space whale as you speculated. I cant wait to find out more!!!!!

  2. Talking about being sick ? my feeling is you’ll get that from take off and looking out in space. From my experience playing in VR, being surrounded by heights and depth really gives you bad vertigo (that may just be me). Honestly I voted for this in the survey last year and I can’t wait!!!
    I now just need to make sure it’s move support but if it’s on steam as well so I’m sure it is. Really don’t want this to be like RE7 where it’s basically just head movements with a controller in hand.

  3. The game lacks content. No ship/freighter customization/space is boring as hell, no meaning to most things and lackluster gameloop, yet we get a VR launch. I do not think people without a VR and those who do not care for multiplaer will wait another year for some content updates.

  4. I bought a PS4 Pro a few months ago (partly) because I had a strong feeling we'd be getting VR for NMS this year. My instincts were right.

  5. I’m definitely buying a VR headset now for my PS4. like how the hell are we living in this timeline, we can immerse ourselves in a universe with more planets that we could ever discover

  6. So excited! Don't even own VR headset, will definitely need to invest! One thing I took from this is the part about experience your home world/base in VR.. fingers crossed this means it's not a galaxy reboot, I have faaar too many bases to lose them all!

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